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We believe that habits can only be changed by setting ourselves clear goals.

Keystone Focalpoint is run by Keystone Consulting Group Pty Ltd that is powered by the proven strategies, teachings and habit changing methodologies of Brian Tracy.

As certified coaches of Brian Tracy’s FocalPoint Coaching and Training, we work with you in helping you set clear, realistic, achievable goals!

The aim of this website is to keep you informed of our upcoming training and coaching programs that address those areas of your career or business where you want to improve, and make a positive change.

Our Team

Harry Nathoo

Chief Executive Officer

My selling philosophy is simple: “People will do business with those people they know, like and trust”. It is on this premise that my colleagues and I continue to build Keystone Focalpoint Coaching and Advisory, part of Brian Tracy’s global network. As part of our service offering to you, we will conduct a free, 30-minute consultation followed by a 1-hour Strategic Business Review to discuss your responses and your needs. We then follow this up with a formal proposal, clearly outlining our recommendations, based on your responses. This process has earned us our clients’ trust.  They like doing business with us. I personally work with you on your business growth (sales) and performance (leadership). We help you to succeed!

Rita Morar

Chief Operating Officer

I am the Business Growth and Performance Strategist, helping our clients implement time-tested, proven strategies to improve performance and accelerate growth faster than they ever imagined. I have personally coached and mentored my team in my previous role at Commonwealth Bank and continue to do so with my current clients.
I help our clients implement cost-effective, operational strategies which help them save on their operational costs, improve personnel management and productivity, improved bottom-line and clarity in their business. My personal interaction with every client, gives them the peace of mind in knowing that help and guidance is just a phone call away!

Raj Nathoo

Chief Financial Officer

Raj is a Business Growth Facilitator & Coach at Keystone Focalpoint Coaching & Advisory.  He is driven by wanting to make a positive difference by working with individuals and organisations in their endeavour to succeed and grow. Raj has a multitude of skills and experiences as an entrepreneur, and understands the stresses and indecision faced when trying to grow a business. As a learning and development consultant, he has worked with managers and staff in identifying needs and how they can be incorporated into a strategic learning plan to help grow an organisation. Raj has a passion for working with SME’s that are keen to grow and implement new world thinking and concepts.

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