Prepare yourself for 2021 by setting clear, achievable goals

Exclusive Offer to Identify Your Primary Motivators for Career & Personal Success

Tap into your motivational source.

Performance depends on the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation. The Motivational Maps® will help you to uncover what really motivates you: what your passion is and what gets you up every morning to do the things you do.

The Motivational Maps® are good for understanding your individual performance drivers, understanding ‘your why’ and helps you to find direction and set clear goals. The individual report provides critical information on the factors that drive your individual performance or non-performance.


Prepare yourself for 2021 by setting clear, achievable goals.

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This practical report helps individuals:


Make the right career decisions


Determine how your motivation
is likely to change


See how well your current role is
fulfilling your core career drivers


Develop leadership skills


Achieve greater fulfilment from your work

What Others Say

Motivational Maps is a great instrument to work with, whether it be for yourself, your client or team. I have no hesitation in recommending James and the Motivational Maps team.

Norma, International Coach Federation

The sessions were superb and the outputs and results are genuinely business changing. Our SMT felt valued and engaged, understood each other better and frankly more efficient.

Jonathan, Bright Blue Day

I’ve just completed my training to become a Business Practitioner for James’ Motivational Maps. The Maps are fantastic, and the support and training provided have been great!

Susannah, Aspirin Business Solutions

Your Report

It only takes under 15 minutes to complete a Motivational Map self-perception inventory.

You receive a full 15-page report on what motivates you and how motivated you are.

Your report provides actionable advice on how to increase motivation where it

  • 95% of Maps users said their Motivational Map® accurately
    described their personal motivators
  • 97% found the information in their personalised report useful.

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A Motivational Map will help you to:

  •  Identify and maintain motivations
  • Manage conflict
  • Align mission and culture with performance and engagement
  • Source and profile talent at the acquisition stage
  • Increase employee and team engagement
  • Improve performance
  • Retain employees by knowing what makes them ‘tick’
  • Plan for career transition
  • Assist with Organisational Development
  • Measure productivity in the team

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You also get a one-to-one debrief session with one of our expert practitioners. It’s like a personal coaching session!

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